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In Facebook Brand Building we detailed what gets the most impressions on Facebook, and impressions drive results. Get more results from your Facebook fan page. What kind of results?

Start with more engagement which leads to more growth. Facebook sites can be so much more than just a few boring, do nothing tabs and posts. Without any technical mumbo-jumbo you can create an engaging experience to delight your customers, generate Likes and create lifelong fans.

Today we are going to show you how to super charge your
Facebook Page and engage your Fans.

Custom Pages / Tabs

“Like Us” incentives (Welcome Page).  Create a Like Us / Welcome Page  In the Value of a Fan we learned how valuable Likes are. A Like Us / Welcome page is great for offering an incentive for well, Liking. You may also use your custom Like Us / Welcome page as a Landing Page. Landing Pages, in conjunction with Facebook Ads generate a huge amount of new fans when running a “Like Us” promotion. I’ll cover “Like Us” promotions in a later post.

Instant Coupons Page.  Nothing gets feet in the door better than a coupon.  Create and post online coupons right on Facebook.  Use tracking codes, expiration dates, all the good stuff.

Newsletter Sign Up Form (Page). Integrate with another awesome free email tool that I will cover in a later post.  You do publish a Newsletter don't you?

Events Page. Not the wimpy do nothing version Facebook gives you.  This one is actually great. Promote events with video, a countdown calendar, text, a Friend Invite tool and more!

Contests Page. 
With no limits what could you do with a Contest Page?

Videos (Watch Tab/Page) What is better to show off your business, location, venue, product or service than video.  With smart phones that outpu HD video you can for practically nothing.  How cool is that?

Mobile Text Sign Up Page. Offer your Facebook fans a way to sign up for mobile coupons. I recommend to clients to start Mobile Text Marketing this way to create a database of prospects BEFORE they even spend a penny on a mobile text service. This really allows them to maximize their Text Marketing ROI.

Menu Page - that's a no-brainer

Daily Specials Page - again it's so simple. Give your fans a reason to check your page daily.

Reviews - these are your fans not some random folks off the street stopping in for the first time.  Your fans are your fans because they love what you do.  Encourage them to give reviews - then use the reviews to get new customers.

Help Wanted - Making a Help Wanted page takes the same time as calling an ad into the local paper but you don't have to pay to run the ad.  It's ultimately cheaper and probably more effective than the local paper.

These are just a few quick examples of what you can do. I’m sure you can come up with your own list of awesome ideas of how you could promote your business better on Facebook.

So, Go Beyond Plain

The plain and boring you see to the below is what you get and what you probably have on your page right now.  Go way beyond the standard Photos, Likes and Map that Facebook gave you to start out with. It’s easy to customize and arrange.
Standard, plain and boring tabs
Standard, plain and boring tabs
In fact, you may have noticed in an earlier image, I spell out the word WIN on my Net Profits Media Facebook page with the row of 4 visible tabs (and 11 more using the drop down arrow) from the home page tabs. Facebook does not allow the Photos image and tab to be moved. These images can be anything you want them to be. You just need an easy to use tool to create the pages.

Engaging Tabs on a Facebook Site
Engaging Tabs on a Facebook Site
These are all 15 tabs (pages) at Net Profits Media's Facebook site.  So you can see, you can really do whatever you want to connect with your fans and get them in your door or on your e-commerce site.

Here is the FREE Tool to Transform Your Facebook Site

Customize your site and your customers will thank you. Short Stack is an awesome, FREE tool that allows the DIY, non-techy person a simple and quick way to really maximize and leverage the fan experience on Facebook. Short Stack’s free plan is for pages up to 2,000 Likes.

Short Stack has awesome help pages, help videos, and even a Short Stack University for those that really want to go head first and create more elaborate pages so go ahead and check it out.

Want More Ideas? Video Ideas

Video examples of Facebook sites created for clients. I also include testimony from clients on just how this has helped their business. Check it out at

How to Make Custom Tabs Video 

Even More Free Tools and Ideas
See my blog; click FREE Business Building Tools for 25 more free tools that you can use right now.

To your success!

James Meyer

Net Profits Media, LLC
Port Washington, WI 53074
p: 414-687-7018
Twitter: @NetProfitsMedia


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