Facebook Ad + Landing Page = More Likes

Money faucetTarget new customers and gather more "likes" when you combine a Facebook ad with a landing page. Simply create an offer, target your prospect and direct them to your Facebook landing page to redeem your offer in exchange for their "like".

Example Business Owner

Let’s say you are a Pet Store owner / dog groomer. You want to get more traffic into your store and have a small budget.  TV and even 15 second radio ads are out.  Print ads might work but you don’t really have any print ads material made and don’t know any graphics people that work real cheap.  But you really want pet owners within walking distance of your store that your place is awesome.  You can.

10,000 Foot View

The concept is to run an ad using Facebook with an offer that a prospect responds to by clicking the ad. The prospect lands on your "Welcome" page.  They likes your page in exchange for the discount or incentive you are offering for their "like". The prospect brings the coupon they just got from your Facebook page into your store, tries your service or product, loves it, loves you and is a customer for life.  They are now a fan, see your branding, posts, offers and come in over and over to buy from you.  Basically it’s an introductory offer to get the customer in the door, a concept that’s been around forever with a new twist, the "Like" for branding purposes and ongoing engagement.

Facebook Ads Budget Friendly

Small Budget Friendly.  Start with just a few bucks a day.  Technically, the minimum daily budget for any campaign is $1.00. Let’s say you set your daily budget at $10. That doesn’t automatically mean you will spend $10 per day, just that you will spend no more than $10 per day. You set your daily budget for whatever works for you.  Run your ad for a day, a week, a month, whatever you like.  You're in total control of your ad and can change it whenever and as often as you like.  For full documentation and creating a Facebook ad see https://www.facebook.com/business
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Landing Page

When your prospects click your ad they will go to your landing page on Facebook to accept your offer in exchange for their “like”.  If you missed how to make landing pages I go over how to create custom pages including landing pages plus give you access to free tools to do it at How To and Tools to Engage Facebook Fans.

Go get them new fans and grow!

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  1. Sometimes I fell like I push it too much on my facebook page and that my fans are already tired of me. Where is the limit? How do I know I'm not too pushy and annoying?

    1. I would look at your TAT (Talking About This) figures. If they are low then your fans have disengaged.

  2. Your primary landing-page focus should be to provide a positive user-experience. By doing so, you build trust and credibility and your readers will be back for more.

  3. Certainly. Offering your reader an exclusive bonus is a great positive user-experience.

  4. Create links to your Facebook fan page from your traditional website. You can also provide these links to your fan paged from the people in your community or forums that you are active on.

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  5. Whenever we talk about social networking, Facebook is the medium which comes in mind. It will not be wrong to say that it is one of the largest social networks which exist. Using Facebook pages to capture leads, emails or "likes" is an extremely effective way to build your list fast & get massive traffic numbers which can result in higher affiliate paydays.

  6. Technically, the minimum daily budget for any campaign is $1.00. Let’s say you set your daily budget at $10. get1000fans.com

  7. A public Facebook Share is a Facebook link to a URL, a snippet about the shared page, and comment that goes directly in the social link provider’s public Facebook timeline for everyone to Like, share, comment on, and visit.  Facebook Shares can bring you tons of free, quality, real "Likes".  If your content is outstanding, one good share from an authority social media user can generate multiple Likes.  I have seen content where 4 or 5 paid Facebook shares results in 3 times that number in Facebook Likes.

  8. Simply create an offer, target your prospect buy facebook likes and direct them to your Facebook landing page to redeem your offer in exchange for their "like".

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  12. Simply create an offer, target your prospect buy facebook likes and direct them to your Facebook landing page to redeem your offer in exchange for their "like".
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