Time Your Tweets Terrifically Tomorrow

Business is not about "doing", business is about "achieving". A simple statement that has no argument. When it comes to SMM you can tilt the playing field in your favor; knowing the "right way" to do things and knowing the "right time" to do things.

Let's focus on the "right time". When is the "right time" to "tweet" or share on Twitter? Earlier in the year bit.ly released their findings and I, along with many other people shared the news. Here is my original post: http://netprofitsmedia.blogspot.com/2012/05/best-time-to-post_4558.html.

To summarize, "According to the study and results published by bit.ly, the link shortening and tracking service, to get the most clicks to your link on Twitter post between 1:00pm - 3:00pm. Fewest clicks result from posting after 3:00pm on Friday and on weekends. Posting after 8:00pm should be avoided."

Additionally I urged readers to perform their own testing. I have for several months since the bit.ly report came out and here's what I found.  For testing purpose I used two separate accounts, Stumble Upon and Crowdbooster.

Test Results

The stats for my Stumble Upon account indicate best times to post to Twitter are at 3:40am, 1:50pm and 3:15pm as shown in the graph.  This is very similar to the bit.ly report but I would have totally missed the very early morning time period which appears to be quite significant to my particular followers.

However, based upon my Crowdbooster account the best time to post to Twitter is between 10-11am Central which would be 11am-12noon EST., see highlighted section. 

Based on Crowdbooster I need to post to Twitter almost two full hours earlier than the Stumble Upon report and there is no indication of an early morning bump.

So now we have the bit.ly report, and my own findings using Stumble Upon and Crowdbooster. All times Eastern:

bit.ly Report: 1pm-3pm
Stumble Upon:  3:40am-6:00am, 1:50pm-3:15pm
Crowdbooster: 11:00am - 12:00pm


These findings illustrate that we can get close to finding the "right time" to post on Twitter and definitely maximize efforts but there is no simple one-size fits all answer.  If you have not yet started your own testing I hope you see the importance of doing so and monitoring results for your firm or clients.  Your results may duplicate these findings or you may find an entirely different "best time" for posting.

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