Beyond Facebook Likes

People Talking About This

(TAT) is one of the most important metrics on your Facebook site.  Your TAT figure indicates how many of your existing fans are engaged which is the ultimate goal of your Facebook activities.

This number represents the total number of people who, over the past seven days, have engaged with your Page in any way — by Liking it, commenting on or sharing a post, answering a question, tagging your Page, or responding to an event. In your Insights dashboard, you’ll also see a percentage increase or decrease next to the current number, so you can compare this week’s engagement against last week’s stats.

What's a good TAT percentage?  That is, what percentage of your total fans are engaged.  I've heard varying percentages as good goals.  Goals of between 4% and 8% are the most cited figures by industry experts.  4% to 8% is fine but my goal for the sites I manage is 20% - 30% and I routinely achieve this higher level of engagement.

Monitor previous posts to determine what engages your fans the most.
Ask questions of your fans, don't just tell them things.
Ask them to like your posts.
Make your posts sound conversational in nature.
Vary the times you post and keep track of the time period that gets the most engagement.

Engaged Users

The Insights dashboard gives your more information in the Page Post Information area with a column called "Engaged Users.”  The number represents the number of unique people to have clicked anywhere on that post during the last 28 days.

Click on the number, you’ll also see a chart with types of clicks, including “other,” which counts the clicks not included in any other metric (clicking on someone’s name, for example). This shows you how many people are really paying attention, even if they don’t comment or click Like.

Engaged Users is another engagement-related metric, but since it tracks actual clicks, you can see how your audience interacts with your posts — and use this information to craft more engaging calls-to-action.