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Facebook Brand Building

Once you have created your incentives for fans to "Like" your page you must deliver engaging content to keep them coming back and building your brand.  This is defined in your Facebook Insight Analytics as "Reach".  Today we will show what gets the most views on Facebook and compare text, images and combined text + images.

First let me point out that I search the internet high and low trying to find information on this subject.   I am already familiar with eye mapping and eye tracking testing and subsequent results.  While those tests are certainly valuable I have not seen information that puts a figure to the value.  Well now we know.

Content View Study Method

I conducted a study of four of my clients Facebook accounts for the month of April 2012; April 08 - April 26 2012, more specifically.  A tally and comparison was created using the actual post views per account or more specifically as Facebook terms it "Reach".

Facebook Reach

Reach defined by Facebook:  The number of unique people who have seen your post.  Figures are for the first 28 days after a post's publication only.

Reach is a critical measure on Facebook and one that should be reviewed often.  This is raw data that shows exactly what posts your fans are finding interesting as well as when and how you need to deliver it to them for maximum results.

Study Results

Using plain text messages as the baseline, images receive 7.8% more views and posts that are a combination of an image plus text get 12.3% more views.


To receive the greatest amount of post views (Reach) on Facebook use a combination of imaging and text to engage your Fans and create more value for your brand.  To add even more engagement to your Facebook fan site please see Custom Facebook Pages Examples for ideas and a quick video with actual active pages and happy business owners just like you.

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