Net Effect of Empire Avenue Missions Detailed

Empire Avenue can dramatically impact your business.  It's a strong statement and one I don't make lightly.  Let me illustrate actual results.  Of course your results may vary, they may be worse, or they may be greater.

First, let's go back over what Empire Avenue is.  Empire Avenue is an online "stock market" used by other businesses and more importantly, social media experts.  If you would like a more detailed explanation see, When a Game is Really a Marketing Tool, Empire Avenue.

You can promote your business, venture, brand, blog post, YouTube channel or ???  Whatever online asset you have that could use more eyes, more engagement and more traffic, Empire Avenue Missions are designed generate traffic.  For an overview on missions and creating them, including how-to video click here.

This balance of this post is focusing on results, showing the actual results of two missions I ran for this exact blog.  On purpose I have not promoted this blog for the past several months.  Any traffic I have been getting has been organic through my SEO efforts and really, I don't do much to promote this site organically being a free Blogger blog.  But this does prove useful to establishing our beginning trend line as shown in orange in the image below.

I created Mission #1 to drive traffic and create engagement.  The mission took me just a few minutes to create.  You can see in the image below, traffic skyrocketed roughly 400% compared to the beginning trend line and prior traffic results.

Empire Avenue Missions

After Mission #1 completed, residual traffic continued due to the sharing efforts of Empire Avenue members who completed the mission initially.  Post mission daily traffic to this blog was roughly double compared to the beginning trend line.

Missions by Net Profits Media

Roughly one week later, I posted a second mission on Empire Avenue, Mission #2 to drive additional traffic.  As you can see in the image below, once again traffic spiked.  The spike is smaller than from Mission #1.  Let me explain a possible reason for this.  For Mission #2, I spent exact 1/2 the eaves I did for the first mission. Just a test to see what would happen. Would I get 1/2 the results, same, more?  Mission #2 generated 22% less traffic with 50% less eaves budget.  Its interesting to see value generated with ongoing missions, a sort of economy of scale if you will.

This suggests some exponential growth from Mission #1 to Mission #2.

So as you can see, Empire Avenue Missions are a great way to generate traffic to your online asset, whatever that may be.  Check back soon, I'm putting together results of a Facebook "Like" Campaign using Empire Avenue missions.

Empire Avenue Missions summary by Net Profits Media

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